Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hey EVERYONE! HOW'S HOLIDAY.. Hrmm.. Two months free from homework and school, kinda cool, isn't it.Well, Prefect Camp just ended, and Suzanne got SICK. :( anyway, here are some interesting facts about health, and of those you would never know, and would never want to know either :) Check it out.

  • In the 1800's, people believed that gin could cure stomach problems.( Gin is a spirit flovoured by juniper berries! Those who read Detective Conan should know this! The bad guys' names! Gin and Vodka!)
  • Rats destroy an estimated 1/3 of the world’s food supply each years. (hey Mickey mouse, did you just take my Honeystars?)
  • Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world. It is 10 times more effective than valium!( Boys, never try this out please.. Girls.. ermm.. maybe. oh ya, tranquilizer is 安眠/催眠剂)
  • Coca-Cola used to contain cocaine when it was initially introduced. (cocaine is type of painkiller. You know, before coca cola was really a carbonated drink, it is headache medicine)
  • Chocolate was used as medicine during the 18th century. It was believed that chocolate could cure a stomach ache.(well well, girls, consider it ^^)
  • The only "real" food that U.S. Astronauts are allowed to take into space is pecan nuts. (thats why, whenever astronauts were back to earth, first thing they gonna scold is "NUTS")
  • Left handed people live slightly shorter lives than right handed people.
  • You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television. (this is a sole good reason, whenever teacher scolds you sleeping in class, tell him you are keeping fit!)
  • Chocolate contains the same chemical, phenyl ethylamine that your brain produces when you fall in love. (finally, I found the reason why Chocolate is the best gift for couples during Valentine =/)
  • Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning.(Yawn..oi Mariah.. where are my APPLE and newspaper?)
  • If a surgeon in Ancient Egypt lost a patient while performing an operation, his hands were cut off. (think twice before you become a doctor :O)
Ermm.. that's more than enough for today. :)Keep posting, and I will keep posted .

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Visitation to Blind Centre

The Visitation was held on the 1st November 2008, at Blind Centre. Many thanks for Miss Yong for organizing the cleaning so well, and many thanks to the teacher advisors, Excos, AJKs and members for volunteering to come and clean the centre.

Haiz...This Evelyn...So immature! Evelyn! Leave comment! HAHA!

[caption] In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

:'( I've never done housework before...

Hello?? When are we going in??IT'S HOT! tired. No energy to be crazy...


Here's some pictures for the Joggerthon held on 20th September. Sorry it took so long to update.

Yeah! We are the champions, my friends...

When are we gonna start running?

Eew, I need a shower...;)

Shh! Be quiet! VIP giving a speech!!