Sunday, January 25, 2009


Guys, sorry for the late updates . Anyway here are some FANTASTIC pictures, revealing some secrets that you would never want to know. Hope you guys enjoy with it :)

During 27th of November, Suzanne and Michelle attended the Kem Chung Hua held in MIRI, organized by SMK Chung Hua Miri. Here it goes..

This is an outlook view for the Headquarters of RC at Mir. Claimed to be the biggest in Sarawak huh?

This was the backdrop. The camp was themed -Arise We Shine, Set We Bind"Okay... this is Michelle with the SMK Chung Hua Miri's unit President, Jacky Vong Liew.

and you will never want to know HOW did they actually sleep...
Michelle and some of her Miri friends.....

Now those are the pictures of Kem Chung Hua. AND OF COURSE, WE'VE GOT OUR OWN SUPERB CAMP.. KEM METHOS! Well well... Let's take a glance, and reveal the secrets behind it...

Briefing and briefing and rules and rules and bla.. and yawning hey WAKE UP!
Excuse me Ma'am, may I help you? ( Eh lu group apa?) ( 小姐我第几组?)
Yo~ Andy Ko.... Finish STPM, relaxed!
Can you really colour well? MAN I HAVE THE ART CELLS!
Drilling time.. KE KANAN~~~ LURUS!
Lapor Diri.. Aww.. Look at Suzanne. . ^-^and here is the GAMING TIME.. ahli : "I should have kept fit..... what kind of spiral zone is that "
err Eric, do you enjoy to be carried?
Albert :" Here goes the plan.. after this snap we go spray the camera man..."
Ling Ling : " ROGER!"
Swimming in the mud.. wanna try?
Cultural Night : Dance baby dance!

Let's Dance together...
and Sing....
And Home sweet Home..

I guess thats enough for the pics. There are some more to come. Keep posting, and I will keep you posted. Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜发财!新年快乐!

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